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A Brief Guide To Cannabis Laws

For decades, countries around the world, including the USA, banned cannabis use in a bid to fight a war on drugs. However, in 1996, California broke with the trends and legalized cannabis for medical use. Many years later, more and more states began adopting or changing their policies on cannabis.
Now, in 2021, almost every state in the USA has some form of relaxed cannabis regulations. If you are wondering just how legal weed in your state is, check out this brief guide to cannabis laws.

Cannabis Laws

Cannabis for medical use is legal in 36 states, 3 US territories, and the District Of Columbia. This means that individuals can get a prescription to purchase cannabis for eligible medical conditions such as:

·    Cancer Related Illness

·    Anxiety & Depression

·    Sleep Disorders

·    Chronic Pain

·    Stomach & Digestion Problems

·    Neurological Disorders

After receiving a prescription from a licensed physician, a medical card will be issued, which allows a patient to purchase cannabis at a medical cannabis dispensary in Lakewood, CO, or wherever their state of residence may be.

Cannabis Laws

Cannabis for recreational use is legal in 18 states in the USA. This includes every state touching the Pacific Ocean. Recreational cannabis can be purchased without needing to obtain a prescription from a medical practitioner. However, some states have implemented regulations on the potency and amount a recreational user can buy. Talk to your local dispensary to find out what the maximum limits are for your state of residence.


Over half of the states in the USA have decriminalized the possession, sale, or use of cannabis. This means that while it is still not legal, those caught with or using small amounts of cannabis will only face a fine without the possibility of serious jail time.

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