How to Prepare Your Employees for Random and Planned Drug Tests in the Workplace

The difference between random and planned drug tests is time and knowledge. With planned drug tests, you send out memos and notices, letting employees know your intent and when the testing will take place; whereas random suggests pop-up drug tests, where employees are tested whenever you have the notion.

There are pros and cons to both kinds of drug tests, but random drug testing is often viewed as something to dread or an invasion of privacy. This article goes over how you can prepare your employees for both random and planned drug tests without backlash.

Be Upfront in Your Expectations and Intentions Before Hire

Be blunt in what you expect of your employees. Most people looking for a job expect a staunch stance in drug use and substance abuse, so you aren’t telling them anything new. However, it leaves no doubt when you voice the business’s policies.

What Kind of Policy Do You Have? Second Chance or Zero Tolerance?

Some businesses offer second chances when employees are found to have drugs in their system, while others operate on zero-tolerance policies. What kind of business will yours be? Decide where your workplace stands and make it known.

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Never Shame an Employee in Front of Others

When you find that one of your employees has drugs in their system, don’t shame them in front of others. There’s no need for humiliation. Take them aside and deal with the issue in private.

Ultimately, Drug Tests are Part of Your Business Plan!

Drug tests are normal parts of a business, so most prospective employees will already expect them. When you make the possibility clear before hiring, you are cutting down on any backlash because it was outlined in your job interview.